17 Years Of Back Pain Gone After Stem Cell Therapy.

17 years of back pain gone after stem cell therapy sounds too good to be true. But thanks to recent innovation in medicine, it is now possible. This blog is about Charles who has been suffering from back pain for many years. He has seen multiple doctors and received multiple different kinds of treatments without long term relief. He finally got intra-discal bone marrow stem cell treatment. Let’s find out how he responded.

Back Pain is unfortunately a very common condition affecting 40% of people at least one time in their life. The good news is that in 80-90% of patients it gets better with time no matter what treatment they get. The bad news is that in 10-20% of patients it persists. Not only it persists but it is also very resistant to treatment. New advancements are desperately needed and stem cells seem to be the answer.

Traditional Therapy Is Usually Not Very Effective. 

Charles has been suffering from back pain for 17 years. This was probably a result from the heavy lifting which he started when he was a 13 year old. At that time he was helping his dad run his business. This led to chronic Back Pain. He has tried numerous therapies unsuccessfully to relieve his pain including….

  • Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care
  • Medications like Opioids, Anti-inflammatories, Muscle Relaxants etc
  • Injections like Epidurals, Burning of the Facet Joint Nerves and Disc Nerves etc
  • Back Surgery

He Was Dependent On Hydrocodone And He Didn’t Want To…..

Unfortunately, the only modality which gave him some relief was hydrocodone. It only took the edge off. It did not make him more functional. He couldn’t work and do things which he enjoyed. He was also worried about getting addicted. His pain doctor tried different procedures which gave him some relief but the relief did not last long. Since Stem Cell is the new buzz word among patients, Charles asked his doctor about it. His doctor researched and found out about us. Charles lives about 3 hours away. During our consult, the pros and cons were discussed and Charles decided to get the stem cell procedure done. Bone marrow stem cells were injected into his discs and facet joints.

Click Below To Find Out Charles’s Amazing Response To Stem Cells.

Stem Cells took care of his pain but how long will it last?

Charles had his discs, facets and nerves injected with stem cells. His pain is now significantly better and was wondering why he didn’t have this procedure done earlier. He is off hydrocodone and flexeril. He is looking forward to be more functional again. Pettine first reported that when stem cells are injected into the discs, patients do very well and their pain improved significantly. He followed these patients for 5 years and reported recently that these patients are still maintaining their pain relief. Hernigou followed his knee stem cell patients for 12 years and these patients’s pain has not returned. So, the pain relief from stem cell therapy seems to be long term. Anecdotally, our patients are doing well even after almost 2 years after the therapy.

Who Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Patients having Chronic Low Back Pain. [Pain more than 6 months]
  • Patients who failed conservative therapies like physical therapy, injections, medications
  • Patients who are candidates for Fusion Surgery
  • Patients who can afford it. Unfortunately Insurance does not cover it.

If you are suffering from back pain, Stem cell therapy seems to be a promising option. To get the best results, you need to find the right clinic. Why wait?

source: https://www.stemcures.com

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