Global Regenerative Academy


The GRA was created in 2016. It began from the understanding that medicine can only be advanced when physicians are given validated scientific information about the medical innovations. We established a vast network of highly qualified physicians from around the world. These are people that are disrupting the status quo with their passion to discover new ways of practicing medicine. We created this platform to extend and share their knowledge and to include more and more new disruptors.

We can help those with ideas create the next big thing in medicine and we can nurture theoretical and practical excellence in our members and bring them up-to date with the cutting edge, clinically available treatment options in their respective medical specialty. The GRA supports virtually every field in medicine. That’s why everyone is welcome to share and receive validated knowledge. We are initiating the Academy with these medical specialty areas - Orthopedics, Spine Surgery and Pain Management, Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology, Regenerative Urology, Hair Restoration, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Wound Care.

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