Dr. Aris Sterodimas


Dr Aris Sterodimas is the Head of the Plastic Surgery Department of METROPOLITAN General Hospital, in Athens, Greece.He is the director of Regenerative Surgery Lab in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and he is considered as the pioneer of adipose stem cell application in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He did his training in Plastic Surgery in Bristol Royal Infirmary University Hospitals Bristol NHS, Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford University Hospitals NHS and the Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in United Kingdom.He obtained his Master degree in the field of Surgical Technology from Imperial College of London, United Kingdom. Dr. Sterodimas served then as chief resident of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department in the world renowned center of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ivo Pitanguy Institute, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From 2005, he has been actively involved in research of Stem Cells application in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine. His PhD  is on Adipose Tissue Engineering in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Sterodimas is a Board certified plastic surgeon after completing successfully the National Board Examination, member of the ISAPS, member of IPRAS, member of the HESPRAS and member of AeXPI. He has published 60 peer reviewed articles in the most important Plastic Surgery journals and has contributed in the writing of 20 book chapters. Dr. Sterodimas serves as Visiting Professor and honoured guest lecturer at Institutions around the globe and has participated as a faculty speaker representing Greece in the biggest events of Plastic Surgery in the last 5 years. Plastic surgeons from 12 different countries have visited his department for training and observation of the state of the art procedures performed by him and his team.He is the Editor of ‘Adipose Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine’ book by Springer, which is in the top 25% sold medical books in 2015.


Work Experience

  • Head of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery             

Director of  Regenerative Plastic Surgery Institute

IASO General Hospital

Athens, Greece

  • Head of Research & Development                December 2007- June 2009                                           

Application of Stem Cells in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery                                                                   

Pontifical Catholic University

Carlos Chagas Medical Institute

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Medical director

Since 2011 B.L.A & Co doo, Belgrade, SerbiaChief Resident                                           March 2005- December 2007                         

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Ivo Pitanguy Institute

Pontifical Catholic University

Carlos Chagas Medical Institute


  • Resident                                                         October 2004- February 2005  

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Mount Vernon Hospital

The University College of London

London, United Kingdom


  • Resident                                                               April 2004- August  2004       

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Frenchay Hospital                                                                

The Bristol University

Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Resident                                                            August  2003-March   2004                                                      

Vascular Surgery

The Hillingdon Hospital

The University College of London

London, United Kingdom

  • Resident                                                          August 2002-August 2003    

General Surgery

Mount Vernon Hospital

The University College of London

London, United Kingdom

  • Internal                                                                    March 1999-April 1999                                          

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Massachusetts General Hospital

The Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA 

  • Internal                                                                              October 1998                            


Mount Sinai Hospital

The New York University

New York, NY

  • Internal                                                       September 1998-October  1998                                             

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Swedish Covenant Hospital

Chicago, IL



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