Konstantinos Giotis DHI

The story is written by the winners. The story is written by those who dared to move away from the shore and discover new oceans. By those who had a vision, believed in it with their soul and even devoted their lives to it.According to the American academic and writer Warren Bennis: “Leadership is the …

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Could the Virtual reality training replace the live hands-on courses? – Konstantinos Giotis, Keynote Speaker

The 2nd Global Regenerative Medicine Congress will be held in Dubai 9-11 September 2021. Registrations are open. VR- Virtual Reality Training                                                       This stage of training is enabled by virtual experience software. Wearing a VR headset, the trainee can step into the world of hair restoration A scenario has been digitally created in which a patient …

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Miomir Knezevic

Dr. Miomir Knezevic is CSO of MBSI and CEO of Educell. He started his career as a teacher and continued as a researcher and CEO in small biotechnology companies in Slovenia and Austria. Dr. Knevezic is a biologist, he obtained his PhD in biotechnology at the University of Ljubljana in 1994. At the Institute of Applied …

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Interview with UK prof. Peter Hollands, PhD – Consultant clinical scientist in Regenerative Medicine and Assisted reproduction

Apart from these fantastic achievements, the rest of stem cell technology has been riddled with media confusion, hype, misinformation and even scientific fraud. This results in mistrust in the stem cell world and more importantly a public conception that stem cell technology is in some way ‘dangerous’. Perhaps the biggest initial hype came from embryonic stem cells. In my opinion these have no significant future in Regenerative Medicine because of regulatory issues and also because of the fact that the number of embryonic stem cells available for therapy is relatively very small.

Michalis Chrysostomou

He received his diploma in medicine in November 1984. He graduated from the Goettingen University in Germany .In October 1992 received the specialization title in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Alexandra hospital in Athens –Greece. From November 1992 TO September 1993 was specialized in Invitro  Fertilization at the Reproductive Fertility Centre and the Assisted Reproduction Unit of the Kings College Hospital

Dimitrios Tsoukas

Dimitrios Tsoukas, M.D. Greece Dr. DimitriosTsoukas M.D. M.Sc,  is a Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon from Athens Greece, Director Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic and Sportsmedicine Surgery Clinic Athens Medical Center . He has also recently worked in Al Attar Clinic for Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Qatar Armed Forces Doha, Qatar. He was the Director of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine …

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