The Global Regenerative Academy team has won the special partners award in Innovations Academy contest

The Global Regenerative Academy CEO Diyan Ganev and Nikola Grivov from Global Regenerative Trade have won the special partners awards of the “Innovations Academy” events for entrepreneurship and innovations. A presentation was offered encompassing the key advantages of Global Regenerative Academy and Global Regenerative Trade, what is the targeted market size, timeline, future activities and problems they are solving.

Read Online-Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

In order to win this inevitable battle and fight against COVID-19, we must work together and share our experiences around the world. The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine has treated 104 patients with confirmed COVID-19 in the past 50 days, and their experts wrote real treatment experience night and day, and quickly published this Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment, expecting to share their invaluable practical advice and references with medical staff around the world. This handbook compared and analyzed the experience of other experts in China, and provides good reference to key departments such as hospital infection management, nursing, and outpatient clinics. This handbook provides comprehensive guidelines and best practices by China’s top experts for coping with COVID-19.

This handbook, provided by the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, describes how organizations can minimize the cost while maximizing the effect of measures to manage and control the coronavirus outbreak. The handbook also discusses why hospitals and other healthcare institutions should have command centers when encountering a large-scale emergency in the context of COVID-19. This handbook also includes the following:

Technical strategies for addressing issues during emergencies.

Treatment methods to treat the critically ill.

Efficient clinical decision-making support.

Best practices for key departments like inflection management and outpatient clinics.

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