Center of Excellence

Globar Regenerative Academy

If you are a clinic that wants to implement the innovative treatment option of Regenerative medicine than you should join the GRA and get published in the website as a center of excellence. That way your clinic will be promoted as a place where true clinically validated methods are used and thus increase patients’ interest towards you. How you can get established yourself as a Center of Excellence? You have to apply through the Academy email. There you can include a summary of the clinic, when was it established and by whom, what medical specialties are there, what procedures and which protocols are used, contact references with the head of clinic and chief doctors. Our Advisory board will look thoroughly through the documentation and return a statement including questions, recommendations and comments. After your clinic is certified as a Center of Excellence by the Global Regenerative Academy it will be published and referred to the Global Regenerative Care patients as a place for quality regenerative therapies and outstanding results.

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