Prof. M.D. Tahsin Beyzadeoglu – Surgical principles of cartilage regeneration techniques

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Articular cartilage lacks vascularity and has low intrinsic healing capacity leading to degeneration and osteoarthritis. Many techniques have been developed for the treatment of cartilage defects to achieve regenerative tissue with histological and mechanical properties similar to those of natural articular cartilage. In the last few decades, the use of marrow stimulation, autogenous or allogenic osteochondral transplantation, autologous chondrocyte implantation, mesenchymal stem cell induced chondrogenesis, and preparation techniques for regenerative autologous products such as platelet-rich plasma, platelet-rich fibrin and adipose- or bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell concentrates have been popularized. Although these techniques may result in good or excellent functional and clinical results, none of them have been shown to be able to completely fill the cartilage defect with natural 100% hyaline cartilage. Thus, further studies and progression are still needed.

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Prof. M.D. Tahsin Beyzadeoglu – Surgical principles of cartilage regeneration techniques

Prof. M.D. Tahsin Beyzadeoglu – Surgical principles of cartilage regeneration techniques00:18:05
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