Dr. Abbas Khadra


He completed his training in London (UK) in major teaching hospitals. He has diploma in Urology from UK and is Fellow of European Board of urology. He did his andrology fellowship at University College Hospital In London. He deals with the surgical and medical management of renal, prostatic and genital disorders in male and female patients. His andrological work includes the management and treatment of male infertility and has expertise in micro-surgical sperm retrieval and genital reconstruction. He also has expertise in management of male and female sexual disorders. In male patients such treatments include penile prosthesis surgery and penile enlargement procedures. In female patients he carries out vaginal rejuvination procedures. He has recently completed the first ever trial in the middle east on penile augmentation using fillers with successful results. He has a special interest in new treatment modalities in particular stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction and peyronie’s disease, for which he currently offers such treatments in his private clinic in Beirut.

To date I have gained experience in all aspects of urological surgery and chronic disease management and oncology in Urology. I have also got experience in academia and have had the role of lecturer at St George’s Medical School where I have prepared delivered courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels. I have interest in research and hope to continue getting involved in research projects and publishing in peer review journals.

In my specialist registrar training I have gained experience in new technologies such as Robotics, laser prostate surgery, brachytherapy and High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound therapy for prostate cancer, and laser treatment for stone disease. In Andrology I have worked with one of Europe’s most respected surgeons Mr David Ralph and have learnt how to perform penile implant procedures, reconstructive procedures and surgical correction of infertility.

I have obtained my certificate of completion of training in both General practice and Urology. I have had a lot of experience in Medical Education both at undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels.

I have had experience in Medical Management and Leadership. I have organised and supervised projects in West Africa renovating medical facilities and supplying essential medication to third world countries.

I am head of the andrology and sexual Health in our department of Urology at Clemaneceau medical centre. I have a private clinic in Beirut where I do a lot of my stem cell work to treat penile disorders and erectile dysfunction. I recently completed a study on the safety and efficacy of Fillers in Penile augmentation and presented the work at the recent world congress of aesthetics in Monaco. I also use fillers for female genital rejuvenation and augmentation.

Clemenceau Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon
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Diploma in Andrology and Reconstructive Urology – University College Hospital, London, UK.


Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons in Urology – London, UK.


Fellow of European Board of Urology


Diploma in Brachytherapy – University Hospital Surrey, Guildford, UK.


Diploma in Laparoscopic surgery – Institute of Urology, London, UK.

Diploma in HIFU for prostate cancer – Institute of Urology, London, UK.

Diploma in Hospital Management & Leadership – Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK.


 Diploma in Female Urology – Institute of Urology, London, UK.  Diploma in Greenlight and HoLep – Institute of Urology, London, UK.


Docturate in Surgery (PHD) – University of London, London, UK.


 Diploma in Ultrasound for Urologists – Portsmouth Uiniversity, UK. Diploma in Urodynamics – Bristol Institute of Urology, Bristol, UK.


Diploma in Urology – Institute of Urology, London, UK. Member of Royal College of General Practitioners – London, UK.



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Ogden J, Ambrose L, Khadra A, Manthri S, Symons L, Vass A, Williams M. A questionnaire study of GPs’ and patients’ beliefs about the different components of patient centredness.

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