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Prof. M.D. Gamze Torun Köse



Gamze Torun Köse was born in Ankara in 1972 and received her BSc degree in Biology in 1994 and her MSc degree in Biotechnology from METU in 1996. She was the predoctoral fellow at the University of Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Immunobiology and Drug Carriers, Houston, Texas, USA in 1998-1999 and completed her PhD in Biotechnology from METU in 2002. She established Tissue Engineering and Biomaterial Laboratories at Yeditepe University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering in 2003 and became Associate Professor in 2006 and Professor in 2012. Since 2010, she has been Vice Head of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at Yeditepe University. She is also a founding member of the Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering Association established in 2008.

In 2002, she was awarded the Young Scientist Scholarship by the Biomaterial European Community (ESB 2002). She received the best thesis awards given by Prof.M.Parlar Foundation in METU with her both MSc thesis on Liposomal Drug Release Systems in 1997 and PhD thesis on Bone Tissue Engineering in 2002. In 2011, she won awards given by LOreal Turkey, Young Women in Science Scholarship and FABED Eser Tümen Research Scholorship.

Dr. Gamze Torun Köse has 1 European patent, 6 international patent application, more than 60 peer reviewed research papers (h index: 22) and 8 book chapters. She was the advisor of 16 MSc and 12 PhD students and currently, she is the advisor of 2 MSc and 6 PhD students.

Her research area is concentrated on Tissue engineering (Bone, Cartilage, Nerve); Biomaterials and Surface Modification; Stem Cells (Bone marrow, Adipocyte, Amniotic, Dental Follicle, Dental Pulp, Dental Germ); Drug or Growth Factor Release Systems and Gene Therapy.


Stem cell usage in hard tissue engineering

International Consensus – Basic Science in Regenerative Medicine

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