GRG Announces 2021 Congress in Dubai UAE

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The 2nd Global Regenerative Medicine Congress will be held in Dubai 9-11 September 2021. Registrations are open.

Global Regenerative Academy is a world-renowned medical society scientifically studying the clinical application of biological products in the human body. Regenerative Medicine treatments using biological products have been used to slow down the natural ageing process, treat a variety of pathologies and improve the quality of life of patients.

GRAcademy brings together world-renowned scientists and provides an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with each other. With scientists and physicians on 4 continents, in over 30 countries, we are proud to have a total of over 2000 members in the Academy. We hold both an annual world congress – Global Regenerative Congress as well as practical 1-on-1 trainings throughout the year at a convenient time for both the lecturer and the participant. We certify the acquired knowledge with appropriate certification.

In 2021, between September 9 and 11, the 2nd annual Global Regenerative Congress will take place in Dubai. Although COVID took away our opportunity to meet in 2020, we are now pleased to offer three full days of lectures in over 8 medical fields. At the Congress, clinically tested techniques will be presented for cartilage and bone regeneration, rejuvenation in gynecology, use of virtual reality for training, treatment of erectile dysfunction, treatment of hair loss and hair transplantation, skin treatment in dermatological practice, wound healing, augmentation in plastic surgery and many other procedures as noted on the website.

The clinical trainings will run in parallel and will be a major component of the Congress. This will include one-day training and practice in a clinical environment, as well as demonstration of the whole process of preparation of biological material and its use, indications, contraindications, side effects, interactions and more. Follow-up care is also part of the discussion as continuous treatment is often needed.

The most important thing you can take from the Congress is the opportunity to meet and talk with people in your field, to exchange experiences and knowledge. This is the perfect place to make friends with whom to share your ideas and dreams for the future of Regenerative Medicine.

Global Regenerative Academy will be accredited with UAE DHA accreditation. CME Credits will be awarded to participants.

We hope to meet your high expectations. Our motivation comes from the need to provide effective, innovative, safe, and timely treatment to our patients. We look forward to seeing you in Dubai, 9th to 11 September 2021.

Registrations are open at (2020=2021)

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