Himanshu Bansal

Dr. Himanshu Bansal

Raised in small town of  Rudrapur Uttrakhand India, Dr.Bansal completed his medical school residency and post graduation in orthopaedic surgery from King George Medical College Lucknow.  During his post graduation itself, he actively pursued research on spinal cord injury and developed classification based on Xrays and MRI .

He further enriched himself at Osaka city university Hospital, Osaka, Japan/Aarhus University Hospital at Denmark/Guy’s Hospital of Kings College, London/Wurzburg university Hospital, Germany

Osaka city university Hospital, Osaka, Japan

Because of his interest for striving excellence in management of CNS disorders and spinal cord injury, He undertook various visits and research associations at Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (Miami University) USA.//Reeve-Irvine Research Center, California USA.// Queen Elizabeth Spinal Trauma Centre, Glasgow, Scotland.//Neuroscience Center-Rutgers University USA//Egaz Monis hospital, lisbon , Portugal //European spinal cord research institute, Brescia Italy//The Institute of experimental medicine Prague//Beatson Institute, university of  Glasgow//Saint Gerkatuen Hospital, Berlin Germany

He is invited as Guest Speaker at various conferences and symposium in India and all across world . Chief collaborator in the Graduate Institute Geneva project titled “The Emergence Of Stem Cell Biotechnologies In India”( European Research Council)

Actively involved in clinical research with autologous bone marrow,fat derived cells in orthopaedic and neurodegenerative diseases. Pioneered several new protocols for treatment of CNS injuries (Brain Injury ,Spinal cord injury ), Cerebral palsy, Autism, Optic atrophy, Multiple sclerosis, ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders. Future plan is clinical research involving adult pluripotent stem cells  ( VSEL and MUSE cells)

He is amongst the first few Indian clinicians to start treating Critical limb ischemia, AVN, Difficult Non-union, Non healing woundswith autologus stem cells.

Recently Initiated  overenthusiastic, challenging  multimodality approach to reverse brain death (first time in world )with early encouraging results.  Conducting  studies with a) adiposed derived cells in Osteoarthritis of knee b) scar reduction, olfactory tissue transplantation in chronic spinal injury , intralesional bone marrow derived cells implantation in spinal cord injury.

Developed Interlocking Nailing System for fractures of Radius and Ulna (Patent Granted), locked nail for fractures of lower end radius and has corresponding publications to his credit.

Using autlogous stem cells He has successfully reversed methanol induced optic( case reported for the first time in world)  traumatic brain injury. (case reported for the first time from India)

Finished and published Cardiac study with Bioheart USA ; Osteoarthritis Knee study with advance health insititute  Puerto Rico USA,  mineral supplemtation in knee OA

Developed a new protocol  for Spinal cord injury  with duroplasty, omental transposition at ( ISCI Iceland supported first ever study in World)

Co-Investigated non commercial study with  neurology group Connecticut USA  (2014)with autologous bone marrow &Adipose derived stem cells in ALS patients  

Present position    

Consultant Regenerative Medicine & Scientist Stem Cell research

 MOTHER CELL & Revita Lifesciences India 

 Advance Health Institute Puerto Rico USA

Proff   C.H.Medical College Kumaon University India

Consultant Implant development  Treu-Instrumente  Germany


Work Experience

Founder Mother Cell
ConsultantStem Cell Research Revita Lifesciences India
Devonshire Surg. facility,New York
Advance Health, Puerto Rico USA
Consultant Implant Development Treu-Instrumente, Germany
Prof. Division of Surgery C.H.Medical College, India
Faculty Academy of Regenerative PracticesUSA
President and Founder Society of Regenerative Medicine
Chief collaborator Graduate Institute Geneva Project


M.B.B.S., M.S. (Surgery) (India )
Micro Surgery (Osaka, Japan)
Hip & Knee Surgery (London, UK)
Spine ,hip& knee (Aarhus, Denmark)
Traumatology (Wuzburg, Germany)
Spinal Cord Injury (USA | Portugal | Italy )
Stem cell Research (UK | Czech | Germany )

Stem Cell Research

Application of autologous bone marrow,adipose &dental pulp derived stem
cells in neurology & Orthopaedic diseases
Spinal cord injury, Cerebral palsy, Autism, Optic atrophy, Parkinsonism,
Multiple sclerosis, Traumatic brain injury stroke…
Critical limb ischemia, AVN, Non-union, Osteoarthritis…
Developing human VSELS culture facilities.
Multimodality approach in reviving Brain dead subjects
Comprehensive treatment approach in chronic spinal injured patients.

[2016] Initiating first time in world multimodality approach to reverse
brain death in 20 subjects using autologous stem cells,electric ,laser
and peptide stimulation

[2015] Phase II/III study with autologous adipose tissue derived
mesenchymal cells in Osteoarthritis of knee.
Phase II clinical trial with allogenic umbilical cord tissue derived
mesenchymal cells in Osteoarthritis of knee.
Finishedphase I/II study IntralesionalVs scaffold filled administration of
stem cells in chronic spinal cord Injury.
Completed Phase I/II study with autologous adipose tissue SVF in10
patients of Osteoarthritis knee.

[2014] Co Investigator in IRB approved study with autologous bone marrow&
Adipose derived stem cells in ALS patients at USA.
Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur
U.S.Nagar, Uttarakhand, India-263153
Ph. +91 5944 243891, +91 9897080188
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Himanshu Bansal

[2013] Successfully treated vegetative patients following traumatic brain injury
by noninvasive implantation of autologous MSCs.
[2011] Successfully reversed methanol induced optic atrophy in patients by
bone marrow derived cocktail of stem cells
[Case series reported for the first time in world]
[2010] Operated and conducted study”Duroplasty with omental transpositionin
acute spinal cord injury
[First time in world collaboration with ISCI Iceland]
[2009] Operated and conducted phase 1/11 trial with scar reduction &
olfactory tissue transplantation in chronic spinal cord injury.

Academic achievements

Passed in 1993 with GOLD MEDAL for all round best performance from K.G.
Medical college (2600 Bedded) one of the top 5 Medical colleges
Medal and certificate of Honour in Physiology, Biochemistry, Social and
preventive medicine, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine.
Honours in Anatomy,Pathology, Micro Biology, Medicine,Paediatrics,
Ophthalmology, Surgery &Orthopaedics.
Gold Medal for being all round best student of final year MBBS.
M.S. (Master of Surgery)
King George’s Medical College, Lucknow 180 bedded OrthopaedicInstitute to
start Orthopaedic course in India.
Expertise in handling all elective and emergency Orthopaedic situation.
Nine months posting in 50 bedded spinal cord injury unit.
Senior Residency Department of Orthopaedics 50 bedded Spinal cord injury
unit,K.G.Medical College, Lucknow (Dec ’97 to Nov. ’98) .
Assistant Professor at Medical College, Nepalgunj, Nepal. (1998 to 1999)
Visiting Fellow orthopaedics
Fellow Microvascular Surgery Osaka City University, Japan (2000)
Fellow Spine &Joint Replacement, Aarhus University, Denmark (2002)
Fellow Hip replacement at Guy’s Hospital, Kings College, London (2003).
Fellow Orthopaedic Traumatology, Wurzburg University, Germany(2005)
Visiting Research Fellow Stemcell& CNS repair
(2006 to 2010)
Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (awarded “Certificate of Excellence”)
NeuroScience Center-Rutgers University USA
Reeve-Irvine Research Center, California USA
Queen Elizabeth Spinal Trauma Centre Scotland
Egaz Moniz Hospital (Lisbon)
European Spinal Cord Research Institute (Italy)
BeatsonInstitute ,Glasgow U.K
Institute of Experimental Medicine (Prague, Czech Republic
Saint Gerkatuen Hospital (Berlin, Germany)
Web Sites Citing Work
www.isci.is/about us/media/india
Express Healthcare.htm Tomorrow’s Technology Today
News papers& web sites citing success stories of the work
Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, Hindustan Times, Kolkata hindustantimes.com
New Indian Express,Times of India, Dina Karan.com, expressbuzz.com,
newkerala.com, webindia123.com, Topnews.net.nz,Topnews.ae

Publications/ Presentations

Intramedullary fixation of forearm fractures with new locked nail:Indian
Journal of Orthopaedics (IJO) Vol 45 issue 5 September 2011
Interlocked Forearm NailngSnare (2011)
Chondroprotection Using Mineral Supplementation in Osteoarthritisof the
Knees: Journal of Stem Cells Volume 9, Number 1, 65-72, 2014
Natural minerals food supplement provides relief in early osteoarthritisknee:
Journal of Trace Elements and Electrolytes, Vol.32,2014
The potential for structural modification in osteoarthritis of knee by mineral
supplementation:Journal of Bone and joint Disease Vol 28, 2013
Dietary modification helps in OA knee: Indian Journal of Applied Research,
Volume 3,Issue 7 July 2013
Benefit in osteoarthritis knee by mineral supplementation:International journal
of Pharma & Bio Sciences (elsiever indexed) Vol3/Issue 2/2012
Mineral supplementation Pharma Review (Jan-Feb 2012 issue)
Mineral supplementation and osteoarthritis:OfficialOrthopaedic Journal State
of Tamil Nadu Feb 2012
Mineral supplement provides early relief from early osteoarthritis knee
symptoms: International journal of health and nutrition 2011
Annual congress of Sudan Orthopaedic Association
Wurzburg University Germany
Nepal Orthopaedic Society
Annual Congress of Society of Nails (NAILSCON)
Annual Congress of Trauma Society of India (TRAUMACON)
Western Indian Regional Orthopaedic Conference (WIROC)
Annual Congress of Delhi Orthopaedic Association
Annual congress of Uttar Pradesh Orthopaedic Association
Annual congress of Tamilnadu Orthopaedic association
Annual congress of North Zone Orthopaedic association
Annual Congress of Andhra Pradesh Orthopaedic Association

Papers /Presentations
Adipose derived mononuclear cell fraction in treatment of long bones
Nonunion A case series being peer reviewed:
Intrarticluar injection of SVF (adipose derived stromal cells) and platelet rich
plasma osteoarthritis knee journal of translational medicine 2017
Effects of intramyocardial implantation of stromal vascular fraction in patients
with chronic ischemic cardiomyopathy journal of translational medicine 2016
Guest editor with theme” bone marrow in neurology” in journal of stem cells
2016 with following publications
 Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,
 Spinal cord injury
 Autism,
 Cerebral Palsy
 Validation invitro study.
Book Series titled Application of PRP in elbow, Knee & Shoulder published by
Crown Publishers USA.
Reversal of Methanol Induced Blindness by Autologous Bone Marrow Derived
Stem Cells Case-Series:Journal of stem cells Vol10 No.2 2015
Therapeutic application of bone marrow derived stem cells in patients with
methanol induced blindness:Journal of stem cells Vol10 No.1 2014
Autologous olfactory tissue, sural nerve graft &bone marrow MNC in spinal
cord injury: Indian Medical Association 2005
Management in unstable Thoraco-Lumbar injury with neurological deficit,
study of 75 patients: U. P. Journal of bone and joint diseases, 1997.
Three year post graduate research project on 100 patients in surgical
management of spinal cord injury. University of Lucknow1996
Ortocell annual congress 2016 novisad Serbia
South American Congress on Regenerative Medicine, Argentina
American Academy of Orthopaedic Medicine, USA
American Academy of Regenerative Practices, USA
6th International Symposium on Spinal Cord Repair, Italy
Queen Elizabeth Spinal Trauma Centre, Scotland
Miami Project, USA
Annual Congress of Indian Orthopaedic Association
Indian Association of Spine Surgery
Annual Congress of Andhra Pradesh Orthopaedic Association
Annual Congress of Madras Orthopaedic Society
Annual Congress of Coimbatore Orthopaedic Society
Annual Congress of Madurai Orthopaedic Society
Bone and Joint Diseases
Developed Interlocking Nailing System for fractures of Radius and Ulna.
Patent Granted, International PCT Granted
Developed locked Nail for fractures lower end radius (distal radial nail)
Patent Pending
Completed trial of role of Boswelic Acid in RhematoidArhtritis
Conducted various clinical trials of mineral supplement in osteoarthritis knee
with objective analysis of Cartilage thickness

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