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Stem cell therapy in autism: recent insights

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are characterized by core domains: persistent deficits in social communication and interaction; restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities. ASDs comprise heterogeneous and complex neurodevelopmental pathologies with well-defined inflammatory conditions and immune system dysfunction.

Stem cells and cell-based therapies for cerebral palsy: a call for rigor

Cell-based therapies hold significant promise for infants at risk for cerebral palsy (CP) from perinatal brain injury (PBI). PBI leading to CP results from multifaceted damage to neural cells. Complex developing neural networks are injured by neural cell damage plus unique perturbations in cell signaling. Given that cell-based therapies can simultaneously repair multiple injured neural components during critical neurodevelopmental windows, these interventions potentially offer efficacy for patients with CP. Currently, the use of cell-based interventions in infants at risk for CP is limited by critical gaps in knowledge. In this review, we will highlight key questions facing the field, including: Who are optimal candidates for treatment? What are the goals of therapeutic interventions? What are the best strategies for agent delivery, including timing, dosage, location, and type? And, how are short- and long-term efficacy reliably tracked? Challenges unique to treating PBI with cell-based therapies, and lessons learned from cell-based therapies in closely related neurological disorders in the mature central nervous system, will be reviewed. Our goal is to update pediatric specialists who may be counseling families about the current state of the field. Finally, we will evaluate how rigor can be increased in the field to ensure the safety and best interests of this vulnerable patient population. See the whole study here:

Study finds COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy safe, with 76% patients improving

The country’s first convalescent plasma transfusion trial results have been peer-reviewed and published, showing 19 out of 25 patients improving with the treatment and 11 discharged from the hospital. On March 28, Houston Methodist became the first academic medical center in the nation to transfuse plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients into two critically ill patients.

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