Magdalena Chroscinska Krawczyk

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M.D. Magdalena Chroscinska Krawczyk

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The use of stem cells in pediatric neurology

Work Experience

The Chairman of Polish Society of Child Neurologists since 2019- Lublin     Division

The Member of Lublin Science Society

 Polish Coordinator of EACD ( European Academy of Childhood Disability)

 The Member of European Pediatric Neurologist Society

 The Member of American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine




19.10.2018 – The title of doctor habilitated

                              2005- still- Department of Child Neurology, University Children’s Hospital Lublin

                              15.04.2013 getting the child neurology degree

                              1.04.2008  getting the pediatry degree

                              21.04.2005 the title of The Doctor of Medical Science

31.03.2005 The defence of doctoral thesis pt. „Influence of caffeine on the protective activity of novel antiepileptic drugs- oxcarbazepine, lamotrigine and tiagabine against electroconvultions in mice”

                              1994-2000 Medical University of Lublin


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