Marco Liccardo

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M.D. Marco Liccardo

MARCO LICCARDO is an orthopaedic surgeon.

From 1985 to 1990 he practiced as physician in various military hospitals (Alessandria, Turin and Genova). From August 1990 he has been working in the Orthopaedic Department of Army Medical Center in Rome where in 1998 became head of Traumatology ward. In 2010 he was appointed  chief of the Orthopaedic Department. From 22.06.2015 to 31.01.2016 he was the Director of  Army Medical and Veterinary Research Center  and from 01.02.2016 to September 2018 he was the Head of Emergency and Surgery Department. 

He was, as honorary observer, at the Addenbroke Hospital and at the Hip and Knee Unit of the ”Bupa Lea Hospital” in Cambridge between 1997 and 1998.

He attended two management courses  at the “SDA Bocconi University” (2005/2007) and the “AO advanced course” in Davos (CH) in 2008.

He is a medical officer of the Italian army and from 1st January 2014 he is Brigadier General.

As medical officer he was involved in several military operations in Italy and abroad as in : Somaliland in 1993,  Kosovo in 2000 and 2001 and in  IRAQ 2005.

He was also involved in educational activities in the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Medicine and Surgery Faculty, as contract professor in several residency programs in Orthopaedic and Traumatology as well as in the  nursing science school.

His main focus is orthopaedic surgery and traumatology surgery especially of the lower limb.

He is interested in regenerative medicine and surgery. He performed the first operation using MSCs in the Italian army (July 2013) and continued with interest in using new technologies as PRP in bone, tendon and cartilage disease.

In 2017 he was appointed “honorary member of ISRMS ( International Society of Regenerative and Medicine)



Work Experience

Assistant- Surgical Department                        Military Hospital Alessandria

 May 1986 – November 1987


Assistant- Orthopaedics and Physical Therapy Department   Military Hospital Turin

November 1987 – July1989


Responsible Ambulatory Orthopaedics         Military Hospital Legal Medicine Genova

July  1989 – August1990


Assistant- Traumatology Department          Army Medical Center “Celio” Rome

August 1990 – March 1993


Head 1^ Section of Traumatology  ward      Army Medical Center “Celio” Rome

April 1993 – June1998


Head of Traumatology ward                    Army Medical Center “Celio” Rome

July 1998 – February 2012


Head of Dpt of Osteo-Articular Pathology  Army Medical Center“Celio” Rome

September 2010 – June 2016


Head of Dpt of Emergency and Surgery  Army Medical Center “Celio” Romc


June 2016 – September 2018


Professional Military





















Orthopaedic Specialist at the Field Hospital Contingent FORZA PARIS

Orotelli (NU):   August 1992– September 1992


Orthopedic Specialist at the Field Hospital of the Italian Contingent  

Bulo Burti (Somalia):   February 1993 – April 1993; International Mission “Restore Hope”


Director and Orthopedic Specialist at the Field Hospital of the Italian Contingent

Pec (Kossovo):   April 2000 –June 2000; April 2001 – June 2001 International Operation “Consistent Effort”


Theatre Surgeon and Orthopedic Specialist

An Nassyria  (IRAQ):   March 2005 – May 2005; Mission Antica Babilonia


Head of  “High Specialization Team”


Misurata (Libia) Luglio 2017 ; Missione Ippocrate








July 1976:  Classic High School degree Lyceum “SOCRATE” Rome


April 1985: Medical Degree from the University of Florence


1985: Medical license for professional practice from the University of Florence


December 1992: Specialization in Orthopaedics and Traumatology from the University of Turin 



 Formative Activities

35° Application Course for Medical Officer

September 1985 – March 1986


Theoretical-Practice Course of  Specialization for First Aid in Work Injuries

CivilScuolaDife, Rome, May 1990 – July 1990


Apult Course for Logistic Officer

War School, Civitavecchia, October 1992 – December 1992


“Honorary Observer” at Addenbrooke  Hospital and in the Hip and Knee Unit of the “BUPA Lea Hospital” under the direction of  Dr. Richard Villar

Cambridge (UK),  November 1997 – January1998


Theoretical-Practice Course of Arthroscopic Surgery

Bologna, 13-16 March 2001


Training Course in Arthroscopic Surgery

Rome, 21-22 June 2002


Specialization Course  “Distal Tibial Fracture”

Treviso, 20-21 September 2002


Theoretical-Practice course of  “Locked Nailing ”

Avellino 25-26 September 2003




 “Organization and Management Course for Medical Officers and Managers”

SDA Bocconi University, Rome, 13 April 2005 – 27 October 2005


Master “Recent Evidence in Surgical Orthopaedics”

Verona, 21-23 June 2007


Course “Surgical Prothesis of the Hip”

Milan, 12-14 December 2007


Course “The process of continous improvement in health”

SDA Bocconi University, Rome, 14 September – 19 November 2007


Course “ AO Advanced”

Davos (CH) 15-19 March 2009



List of the most important publications:


  1. A) “Discoid medial meniscus: report of a case treated by arthroscopy” 

 S.Luziatelli,M.Liccardo,P.P.Mariani, Knee Surg,Sports Traumatol, Artrhoscopy 1 : 107-109


  1. B) “ Sprengel’s disease”

 P.Farsetti, S.Luziatelli,R.Caterini,C. Tudisco,V.Potenza,M.Liccardo, Journal of Military Medicine 1995; n^1 January


       C)”Fratture esposte dell’arto inferiore. Nostra esperienza in traumatologia di guerra”

(Exposed fractures of the inferior limb. Our experience in war traumatology),

 S.Luziatelli, M.Liccardo, M. Laviano, V.Piccinni, F.Grasso, Booklets of Ostearticular Infections, July 2011, 2-15.


  1. D) “The Intra-Articular Comminuted Fractures of the Calcaneus Treatment with External Fixator

M.Liccardo, A. Serra, T. Di Santo, M.Brongo,  NATO OTAN STO-MP-HFM-228 presented to the international symposium in Milan – Italy on 15-17 April 2013.


  1. E) “PRP and SC use in osteoarticular pathologies. Our experiences”


  1. Piccinni, M. Liccardo, V. Campagna, R. Rossetti NATO OTAN STO-MP-HFM-228 presented to the international symposium in Milan – Italy on 15-17 April 2013.


  1. F) “PRP in clinical practice: is it already a real standard or do we need something else? Questions and possible answers”



  1. Liccardo, V. Piccinni, A.Petrella NATO OTAN STO-MP-HFM-272 presented to the international symposium in Bruxelles – Belgium on 16-17 October 2016.



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