Academy KOL: New regenerative concepts for treatment of COVID-19, Dr. Carolyn DeLucia​

*COVID 19, what are the signs  and progression of the clinical symptoms

*The Cytokine Storm, what is the significance

*Studies done so far.

*The potential of the regenerative therapies Convalescent plasma and MSC transplantation

*Value of the studies done.

COVID19 has surprised the world with its interspecies jump from bat to pangolin and then to human. We watched it grow in China, killing the most wise part of our societies – the elderly people whom we ow so much.

Unprecedented measures were taken to fight the virus spreading, paralyzing almost the whole world. We are at home, waiting for it to pass, just like our ancestors waited out the storms of Nature.

No vaccine, no specific treatment, just the rumors of such circling the globe. But we forget one important thing…

Our bodies fight the disease and the virus. Our armies of antibodies march against this pointy crown. And we win.

After recovering from the COVID19 infection the body clears out the virus but still have antibodies. We are harvesting and concentrating them. Infusions are made to the most severe and critical cases thus saving their lives. Plasma treatment has been done for other illnesses too – SARS 2003,  MERS 2012, Ebola etc.

Further more MSCs are used to deliver immunomodulators to whether the cytokine storm. MSCs are proven carriers of growth factors as well, helping locally the renewal of tissues.

This and more will be discussed at the Webinar.


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