Gamze Köse – Stem cell usage in hard tissue engineering

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There are a large number of people suffering from an organ or tissue loss due to injury, infection, or disease. Currently, major approaches to solve this problem are surgical reconstruction, transplantation or use of prosthesis. Although these therapies have saved and improved countless lives, they remain imperfect solutions due to occurrence of infection, chronic irritation, donor shortages, tissue rejection, and longer-term complications such as development of malignant tumor.

Tissue engineering, the development of cell seeded 3D biomaterials for introduction to the defect area is the current solution for all of the problems mentioned above. The success of tissue engineering relies on the ability to generate complex, cell seeded 3D structures, and methods that enable precise engineering of the scaffold architecture having a critical role for functional tissue development.

Stem cell sources have extensively been used for the treatment of tissue defects since they have the capacity to originate a wide range of tissues. MSC can be isolated from many tissues including bone marrow, adipose tissue, placenta, umbilical cord or umbilical cord blood. Also, dental stem cells isolated from human dental pulp, periodontal ligament, periapical follicle and mandibular bone marrow are expressing mesenchymal stem cell surface markers, and they represent a stem cell source for tissue-engineering applications.

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