M.D. Nenad Lujic – Bone transplantation

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Historically, transplantations are mentioned as early as in antiquity. There are written data from 600 BC that in India the Hindu Surgeon Sushruta performed rhinoplasty with skin grafts. With the discovery of blood groups in the year 1900, a new era in transplant surgery began. In 1945 Landsteiner and Medawar proved that the rejection of transplants is an immunological process. In Serbia, the history of transplantation starts at the beginning of the XX century. It is then, in 1926 in the city of Zaječar, that doctor Pjotr Vasiljević Kolesnikov, a Russian emigrant, transplanted a testicle from the convict Ilija Krajan to his elderly associate, a local surgeon.

Within orthopedic surgery, and its special field of transplantation, i.e. tissue transplants, we practically have a great opportunity for development, as we are not burdened with the restraints of the immunological system in the same way as with vital transplants. We can say that within our framework we deal with STATIC TRANSPLANTATIONS (where the transplant is only the base through which the host’s tissue elements grow).

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