M.D. Tzachi Shelkovitz – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – The Ultimate “FILLER”

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P.R.P as a method was described for the 1st time in 1954. It is being used widely in medicine since the late1980’s.

Nowadays, it’s being used in aesthetics for two main indications: skin rejuvenation, where it is injected in a mesotherapy technique, and for female & male androgenetic alopecia.

When we talk about the characteristics of ideal dermal filler, we usually mention the following:

PRP is the only material that complies with all the criteria, and that’s why – in my opinion – it is going to be the filler of the future.

A few years ago, I started using p.r.p as a tissue building enhancer, injecting it like a filler and very quickly found it to be extremely rewarding.

In this presentation, I’ll explain the logic behind it and share with you my experience.

Why is the knowledge in this video important? And why attend another event of the Academy?

The Key opinion Leaders of the Academy have a sum of more than 200 years of clinical practice and scientific studies. They have reached a moment of their careers when there is nothing ahead of them but only their potential to create new knowledge.

For the people behind them it is so simple as just to learn from them. The Academy is giving this opportunity to its members – a simple buy and watch process where the beneficiaries are everybody.

Why attend an Academy event? Come and speak with the Academy leaders, learn new protocols, practices, inspiration to do better and more.

Upon completion of the whole panel you will be issued a Certificate of Acknowledgement for completing the online education form of the Global Regenerative Academy.





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