Prof. M.D. Stefano Zanasi – Stem cells resurfacing and photobiomodulation in osteoarthritis: a novel approach

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The body’s cells generate electrical microcurrents and are sensitive to external physical fields (photobiomodulation), including acoustic vibrations and subsonic vibrations. The cells can react with profound functional changes, including trans-differentiation, until clocking  back to a time zero: at this point all kind of decisions are still possible to reprogram the tissue resident stem cells, in Kellgren Osteoarthritis stage 0 to 2, with no need for stem cell/tissue transplantation, by a non-invasive, inexpensive, personalized technique, easily deliverable on large-scale bases, linked to the use of vibrational actuators set in customized braces. These wearable devices consist of different actuator units (which are mechanical vibrational and electromagnetic), able to induce regenerative phenomena in different knee areas. These wearable devices are wireless and come with a battery as well as electronic control.

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