Single injection of platelet-rich plasma as a novel treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common peripheral entrapment neuropathy with involving compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. Although many conservative managements of CTS, the effectiveness of these methods is insignificant or only persist for a short duration. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a new and potential treatment for patients with kinds of musculoskeletal disorders and recent reports showed being beneficial for peripheral neuropathy in animal studies. Since 2014, four small clinical trials showed the positive effect of PRP in peripheral neuropathy. Among these studies, two small trials showed beneficial effect of PRP for patients with mild CTS. However, the definite clinical effect of PRP for peripheral neuropathy from currently published studies is unclarified because these studies enrolled a few patients and lacked long-term follow-up (no more than 6 months follow-up).

Both in vitro and in vivo experiments have confirmed that platelet-rich plasma has therapeutic effects on many neuropathies, but its effects on carpal tunnel syndrome remain poorly understood. We aimed to investigate whether single injection of platelet-rich plasma can improve the clinical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Fourteen patients presenting with median nerve injury who had suffered from mild carpal tunnel syndrome for over 3 months were included in this study. Under ultrasound guidance, 1–2 mL of platelet-rich plasma was injected into the region around the median nerve at the proximal edge of the carpal tunnel. At 1 month after single injection of platelet-rich plasma, Visual Analogue Scale results showed that pain almost disappeared in eight patients and it was obviously alleviated in three patients. Simultaneously, the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand questionnaire showed that upper limb function was obviously improved. In addition, no ultrasonographic manifestation of the carpal tunnel syndrome was found in five patients during ultrasonographic measurement of the width of the median nerve. During 3-month follow-up, the pain was not greatly alleviated in three patients. These findings show very encouraging mid-term outcomes regarding use of platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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