Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for neck pain. Is it possible?

The short answer is YES.

Stem cell therapy for treating arthritis pain in the spine and joints is rapidly evolving. More and more clinical data is coming out, proving that…..

  1. Excellent Pain Relief is possible
  2. These Procedures are safe
  3. Regeneration is possible

Here, we are describing our experience of treating two patients who had stem cell therapy for neck pain.

Mike’s Pain

Mike has been suffering from neck pain for more than 30 years. His pain started when he was injured at work. He has seen multiple physicians and tried multiple treatments like physical therapy, medications, steroid injections and also had his arthritis nerves burned. Unfortunately, none of them gave him long term relief. His neck pain was severe enough that it was affecting his life style.

MRI test of his neck showed that he had arthritis in his discs and facet joints. He also had spinal stenosis which was pinching his nerves. All these changes resulted in his severe neck pain.

Mike’s Procedure: Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Mike finally chose to the have the stem cell therapy for neck pain. The procedure was done about 4 months ago. We used his bone marrow stem cells. Contrary to popular belief, bone marrow extraction is not painful, in the right hands. Why did we chose bone marrow stem cells?

Mike was initially sedated and then the area was numbed with local anesthetics. This made the procedure relatively painless. Using X-Ray guidance, a needle was placed into the back portion of the hip girdle bone. Two ounces of bone marrow was extracted and then placed into a centrifuge machine. This machine generates about 1/2 a tablespoon of bone marrow concentrate which had a ton of stem cells. These stem cells were then injected into his discs and facet joints as these are the usual suspects causing pain. X-Ray guidance was used to accurately place the stem cells into the painful structures.

stem cell therapy for neck pain

Initial needle placement in Mike’s C56, C67 neck discs

How do Stem Cells Relieve Pain?

Mike’s 30 year neck pain was relieved with stem cell therapy. Imagine that. 30 years of pain gone. Unlike other treatments, this relief is sustained. Yes, it is anecdotal. Yet powerful. Because his only other option was a neck fusion. So how does Stem Cell Therapy for neck pain, provide pain relief?

  • Stem cells secrete powerful anti-inflammatory proteins which decrease inflammation and thereby decrease pain
  • Stem cells cause tissue regeneration. This seems to be mostly in at a microscopic level rather than macroscopic.
  • Stem cells cause “Immunomodulation”. This means that the stem cells protect the injected joint from being attacked by the body’s defense mechanisms.

Currently, there are no studies regarding stem cells and neck disc/facet joints. However preliminary clinical data does reveal that stem cells work well to relieve pain when injected into the lower back discs and facet joints.

Sandy’s Response to Stem Cell Therapy for neck pain

Sandy was suffering from neck pain for many years. Like Mike, she has seen multiple doctors and received multiple treatments without success. She finally decided to get stem cell therapy for neck pain. We injected bone marrow stem cells into her neck discs and facet joints. After the stem cell therapy for neck pain, her symptoms were significantly better.

See the video below to see how Sandy has responded to the stem cell therapy for neck pain. She had the treatment more than a year ago and is still doing great.

How to get the best results?

Two parameters define what a “best result” means. One, the percent of pain relief should be 70% or higher. Two, this relief should last for years. To get the best result the following criteria must be met……

  • Stem Cell Therapy for neck pain must be performed by an expert in regenerative medicine. Ask if the doctor is certified by either ASIPP or IOF. Avoid clinics where the procedure is performed by a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant or a poorly trained doctor.
  • Make sure that the clinic is using FDA compliant Bone Marrow Stem Cells. I have explained above why bone marrow stem cells are the currently the standard of care.
  • Unless the right structures are injected, you will not get pain relief. Discs and facet joints are the main culprits causing neck pain. Make sure the clinic has the expertise to inject these structures.


Stem cell therapy for neck discs and facets is a new innovation in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Unlike stem cell therapy for back pain, there is no data. Very few centers in America are offering this procedure. Based on our limited experience, patients are responding very well to this stem cell therapy for neck pain. When traditional therapy fails to improve neck pain, patients have only 2 options. Either they have to try surgery or live with the pain. Now, we have an exciting third option which seems very promising.


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