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Rejuvenation Using Platelet-rich Plasma and Lipofilling for Vaginal Atrophy and Lichen Sclerosus

Vaginal atrophy is a common condition among peri- and post-menopausal women. Symptoms of vaginal dryness, pruritus, irritation, loss of subcutaneous fat, sparse pubic hair and dyspareunia occur due to decreased estrogen level. Estrogen-based treatments are effective. But many patients are reluctant to be treated due to health concerns. As alternatives, we explored the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and lipofilling.

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Aging Face: The Role of Stromal Enriched Lipograft in Facial Rejuvenation

Facial aging presents a challenging problem for plastic and aesthetic surgeons; it is a multi factorial, multistep process that involves structural and volumetric changes in the skin, muscles, skeleton, and adipose tissue. Facial tissue descent is caused not only by gravity, but also by the reabsorption and repositioning of the facial adipose system. Facial rejuvenation with autologous fat has the advantage of replacing or augmenting tissue with like tissue. Autologous fat transplantation to the face can correct cosmetic defects that are caused by loss of subcutaneous tissue, such as atrophy of the face due to significant weight loss, wrinkles and facial involution due to aging.

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