Volunteering on the “first line” against SARS COVID-19! Why?


Many of you know me as Diyan Ganev, the CEO of Global Regenerative Academy which is correct.

I am an almost graduated medical doctor as well. However with the announcement of an emergency state regarding the world pandemic from COVID-19 I’ve volunteered to help the healthcare system fight the pandemic. Since 20 march I’ve been involved with the patients check-ins and overall management at the Military Hospital in Sofia, Clinic for Infectious diseases. We have around 100 patients a day, though recent days I notice a substantial decrease in patients. We examine the patients. They are most commonly with a upper respiratory tract symptoms and flu-like symptoms. Some of them experience shortness of breath, oppression in the chest and even loss of smell and changed taste.

“Everything is going to be okay”

We take samples for RT PCR COVID-19 which are ready the next day. Each positive patient receive a phone call and from this day on is being checked daily by a doctor and a psychologist. The patient is given a pulse-oxymeter that is linked with a phone application so the head of the clinic – colonel, assoc. prof. dr. Popov can follow up on them. The severe cases are being hospitalized and watched by quarantined doctors hourly. Here I should express my deepest admiration for my colleagues in the quarantined clinics – they stay there for 5 full days and 2 days of self-isolation. But this is not a holiday! They are literally watching each of the 25 patients – HOURLY! The results from this are – the clinic does not have a death case!, manages organisation for 112 outpatients that are being watched daily, cured 31 patients, and examines 100 patients everyday.

Everyday I am learning more and more about the disease and falling in love with infectious diseases. Ultimately it brings down to the smarts of a microoganism – the Virus with its single stranded RNA replicating itself and its proteins in the cell AND the macroorganism – with its immune system – cell beyond counting and their complex communication skills that are under attack from COVID-19. This is the oldest medicine – i was saying to myself couple of months ago. We are in the biosphere, we take a portion of it, but there is always someone or something that is trying to take it apart.

Maybe one day I will have the chance to cure my own patients from infectious diseases. And even this is not a very renown specialty, even here there is a wide and old application of biologic products. The Academy has offered expertise to the government in fighting the diseases within the critical patients as we see more and more in other countries around the world. I am talking of course about convalescent plasma and MSCs.

Why I do it? Because I can’t know something before understanding how much I don’t…

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